Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Joy

We had a blessed Easter! My first Easter Bible-Bash at church went as planned and was better than expected! The children had so much fun and the parents were totally blessed! From there we headed home for Ethan's nap. We couldn't wait for him to get up because Dave and I were so excited to get over to Mom and Dad's for Easter dinner. After we stuffed ourselves terribly, we went outside for the traditional Evans' egg hunt. This year was the first with just plastic eggs! Tammy was so kind to fill all the plastic eggs so that Ethan could have his hunt too.

Ethan found the same egg here last year.

After having a great time of fellowship with family, we went over to see Becca, Josh, and Sarah. We got to hang out for a bit before Ethan became too exhausted to do any more! We are still playing catch up...but it was worth it!

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Jessica Gray said...

I just wanted to say congrats on winning the design team contest for 2009 at the craft warehouse! LoveS!