Sunday, April 26, 2009

Getting Wired

Have you ever tried checking your email on a computer hooked to a sixty inch high definition television? No? Well, just picture it... you rearrange the furniture just so that you can see comfortably. Although the screen is large you find it hard to even read small print. So, you make sure that your glasses are on so that you can even read the email in the first place, all for the wireless mouse and keyboard to shut off. You change the batteries and it still doesn't work. So, to get the work you need to get done during a limited time, due to your son's nap schedule, you hook up the wired keyboard and mouse to the desktop PC. The mouse's wire is only about three feet long which requires you to rearrange the furniture once more to reach it and the keyboard. In the end you get a migraine for sitting that close to the television and results you closing yourself in a dark room, medicated, and going to bed far to early for a thirty year old.


Josh and Becca said...

Did your mom ever tell you, you shouldn't sit so close to the television? heheh

Nick and Jessica Gray said...

oooh Poor Jen! I can kinda, only relate or differant sinerio (no computer). One time Tammy gave me a pouporii pot and that resulted in rearranged my ENITRE bedroom, cause it didn't look good anywhere. That Also we a huge mess, which sends me stressed out and to bed as well. LOL.. Although at the time I was maybe 13-16 years old. So I didn't have any toddlers and naps. Can't say that now :) Anyways hopefully you met your deadline....Loves~