Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ethan's First Zoo Trip

We still had tickets to the zoo from when I worked at the preschool last year. Since they expire next week and the weather was perfect, Becca and I planned a zoo trip for today! Ethan had a blast and was on his best behavior... for a two year old boy...

Here he is staring down a kid for wanting to pet "his" goat.

I loved when the goat picked up a stick and started eating it. Ethan was screaming, "No eating the stick!"

Ethan was so serious for most of the trip. He was computing it all.

I was so embarrassed. After lunch we gave Ethan some time on the grass to run around. Ethan ran right into a roped area up to two people sitting down. It was zoo personal giving someone an interview. She laughed and said to the guy she was interviewing, "Well, you are good with kids!" and pretended to scribble notes on the application. All Ethan kept on saying was, "Two people!"

This was way better than interrupting interviews.

Ethan watching the elephant walk back and forth.

I took so many photos to get this one. I just wanted the silhouette of Becca and Ethan. It was so sweet. Becca was asking Ethan how many hippos there were and right when I took the picture was when a kid next to them answered, "Two!" So, Becca and Ethan aren't even looking at each other in the photo!

Ethan looking at the Larakeets.

I had to take this picture with Ethan and the HUGE poster of Bob the Builder at the Children's Museum across the street from the zoo. I hope we can get to go before it closes in June.
Afterwards, we were driving by Dave's work during his lunch break and stopped. That made Dave's day since he had to work overtime and wouldn't see Ethan otherwise. When we came home, Ethan crashed and slept for a few hours. Which meant I got to play in the garden and mow my yard! What a beautiful day!


Nick and Jessica Gray said...

Fun! The ZOO!!! I am so glad that he enjoyed it. The zoo is such a fun place for kids! Today was definatly a nice day to be outside! the pictures turned out so cute too... Loves'

Kati said...

So fun!! =] Especially the long nap afterwards...always one of my favorite parts!