Sunday, August 30, 2009

Quick Walk at the Park

So, we were given Lightroom as a gift last week. Yesterday, we had to go and buy a book so that we could even understand the new editing program. We new that it would change the way we would/could edit our business' photos. We never knew how awesome it really was until today. Dave, 150 pages into the book, says, "Let's go to the Troll bridge and take pictures." Yes. That's what we call the bridge down at the state park a few blocks from our house. Dave hasn't picked up the camera like that in several months. Knowing what that would mean, I ran into my closet, threw on "vintage" clothing, slapped blush and lipgloss on, brushed my hair, and grabbed the new parasol I got at Molly Mo's Antique Faire last weekend. The beautiful vintage umbrella was only $5! Dad would be proud! Anyway... Dave was wondering what was taking me so long. I am glad I freshened up, cause look at the result!

We came home and excitedly put the photos on the laptop. We couldn't believe what we could do with them and how fast it took! It was hard enough for me to learn Photoshop and it scares me a little to know I have to learn another program... but it will be soooo worth it!


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are AWESOME! And you look so pretty too! That is so cute to, I can see you running and throwing some makeup on, so something I do if I know I am going to have a picture Opportunity! Fun moments! You and Dave need to do some pictures of me and my family. You and Dave do awesome work! love you guys!
_Love Jessica

Rebecca Grinder said...

love love love these shots. i just love your new glasses too. ;) just love the one where you are picking berries. the red of the berries and the red of the umbrella are so pretty. Wish I wasn't so sick, I could come over and play. hugs

Anonymous said...

These are great pictures! I am a little jealous though that you slapped on a little blush and lip gloss and you look great! I could never pull that off. : ) Sarah