Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Salem Bite

So, last Saturday Josh, Becca, and Sarah invited Dave and I to The Bite at the Riverfront. I had been once before but not with Ethan. We decided to eat dinner there since The Bite is all about local cuisine coming together for this community event. To our surprise, there wasn't much food. It seemed like the carnival took up most of the park. Here are my ultimate favorite photos of the evening. Although, there are more I just haven't edited them all. These were taken with Becca's camera. I took them all (besides the one with me and Dave in them) and I also processed them.

Here's Becca having to get a cotton candy. Ethan liked it a lot!

I really wanted to get some vintage-like photos of the carnival. There is something nostalgic about a carnival.

Ethan's first carousel ride and it's not even the Riverfront Carousel! I love the fact that Dave and Ethan have this as their first ride together.

Man it was hot!


Rebecca Grinder said...

really cool

Anonymous said...

these pics are amazing! I love the vintage look!