Monday, August 3, 2009

Family Reunion

Yesterday was an adventure! Dad invited me to go to his family reunion. He hadn't been in over ten years. This last month his beautiful sister (photo below) passed away. Jack realized that it would be good to see his family. He said, "I realized family is more important than I thought." I was invited because there would be family there that would have more information about the family's history. Since October of last year I have been wanting to hear more about Jack's family. This was the first time I met anyone from Jack's family. Little did I know that I was in for an amazing treat...

Jan and Jack
Jack and his cousin Jim re-connecting at the reunion
I didn't know that there was this beautiful story behind Jack's history. Jack's great grandmother was married to a salesman that was killed in the 1903 Heppner, Oregon flood. She then married a divorced man. So, there are three families that are involved in Jack's family history. It is really amazing and too detailed to begin here.

Family trees and photographs

The mixed family and where the journey begins

The best thing is that everyone let me take the photos and some of the family's history home with me to begin this new journey of documenting everything digitally. Nothing has been preserved and I can't wait to help with that job. Everyone voted at the reunion to have next year's at Mom and Dad's! So, I hope to have the job done in a year. That's my goal.
The best part is that I already have thirty photos digitally restored and I printed them today. They look brand new! So amazing! Can't wait to share this journey with you...
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Anonymous said...

Jen, this amazing, the picture of the family looks perfect, I sent this blog to all the family, so yu are so in the family and I loved reading about family fun night, Janice in death sure brought our family together, Love Susie

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jen. I look forward to next year.
Dori (daughter of Charlotte, granddaughter of Margaret and Charles Pugh).