Sunday, January 11, 2009

7-8-Who Do We Appreciate?

The night before last, Ethan woke us up in the night a few times. By 6am Dave was in the shower and Ethan woke up again. I went into his room and asked him if he wanted to sleep with Mama. He laid down and was happy that Dad shared his pillow with him. He fell right asleep. An hour later, he woke up, rolled over, and while looking at the clock announced, "7-0-6! It is 7 o'clock! Hello day!" I couldn't believe it! I only told him one time last week, in desperation, "That it is only day time," while pointing at the analog clock, "when the first number turns to 7. That is when you can get up." So... no more days sleeping in until 9am. Oh, wait, we haven't had those for over two years!

1 comment:

Rebecca Grinder said...

Josh said you should have at least told him, "When the first number is a 9, then it is daytime and time to get up." ;)