Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bring Me to My Knees, Lord I Lay Me Down

This last week has been pretty busy in the Evans household. Remember my word for the year? Well, the Lord has really laid quite a bit down for me these last few weeks. I have really been surrendering the unknown to Him and saying that He is in control. I think the real thing as been trying to be "Super Woman" by being a Mom, housewife, good wife to my husband, artist, business owner, and also serving at church. I realized that I will never be good or even close to being "super" at any of those things without Christ.

Sunday, our worship leader sang a new song called Lead Me to the Cross by Hillsong United. Pastor read John Chapter 1 and it really hit me! Sometimes we need to just give everything back to Christ once again. In my daily reading I have been reading about Josiah. He was only eight when he became king and 16 when he reached to the Lord and surrendered his life and purified his kingdom of the sin from his ancestors. It wasn't until he decided to restore the Temple that the priests found the Law brought down from Moses. They brought it to Josiah and they read it to him. When he heard what was read, he fell on his knees, tore his clothes and cried out to God, asking Him to forgive his sins. God saw Josiah's heart, forgave and blessed him.

Sunday night Dave mentioned over dinner that our pastor told him that our children's ministries leaders had asked to be stepped down from their roll as leadership and teach instead. Dave and I have always had our hearts in the children's ministries at our church. We taught Young Disciples (our children's church) for over two years and watched the ministry grow. The rewards were so great and many to mention! When Ethan was born we knew we couldn't teach or run the program and stepped aside to let others be blessed by the ministry. It was at that time we were able to join the Worship Team and continue to serve. My desire has always been to uplift, train, equip, and serve teachers! This would be the opportunity to do just that. Dave and I were asked to be the leaders for the ministry and on Sundays we would be able to continue to serve the Worship Team.

Since then we have been in constant prayer about this new adventure. While I have been in prayer through the day, Christ has filled my heart and mind with many answers to my fears about leadership. He has really answered me like he did for King Josiah and the other kings that followed God's instruction. Pretty much this week there has been a list in my ear and heart of what to do. I did it. Sent everything to our pastor and tomorrow we are presenting everything to the church's annual church meeting. Just a little taste of what God has done through me this week is the two new websites created for CV KiDz (new name for our new beginning) here and here. They are still a work in progress but wanted to share anyway. I will let you know when all the tabs are done and everything is completed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen! Cool Blog. I finally had a chance to check it out...though right now Faith is trying to balance herself on my back as I type. I quite understand about trying to be "super" at all of your roles. It just doesn't happen with Him does it? BTW feel free to mail something to Faith and Grace as per your request. "Love Well, Love Often" is an awesome title. I've thought about making my own Blog but I'm still trying to figure out how to squeak 25 hours into 24 hours. =) --Jeff

Jennifer Evans said...

So good to hear from you! YES! Now I can get started on the girls' projects. Little hint on what it could be in a below post. ;) I have it all cut and ready to sew! Weekend project! ;)