Friday, January 23, 2009

Sing Me a Song

Thank you for those who were praying for Dave and I on Sunday. All went well and Dave and I were both voted as the new leadership for our children's church. So much work has been done in the last week to prepare for us to begin in spring.

Ethan has been sick this week and has kept me on my toes. There were a few times today and yesterday that I was calling, questioning, begging, "No! Don't do that!" All of the words that really shouldn't go into a sentence were there. I know he doesn't feel good but does he really have to pour out all the milk from his mouth onto the floor? With several episodes today I thought that I was going to fall over from exhaustion. Then Dave came home. They ran a few laps around the kitchen (Ethan's new "game") and after that Ethan's asthma started. Ethan snuggled with Dave in the chair while watching Thomas the Tank Engine (the only way a child can sit still for twenty five minutes for a treatment!). I was washing dishes in the kitchen and could hear Dave singing the songs in the movie. For those who know my husband well, know that he can not sing. Even when he is on the worship team he doesn't sing - he just plays guitar. But, there he was, singing for Ethan. It made me fall in love with him all over again...

Another large project has finished this week. My upstairs has been cleaned out and organized. For some of you that might not seem like much of an accomplishment. But, in this household it is! When we moved Ethan downstairs, into the room across the hall from ours, our upstairs was a little neglected. So was the closet storing a lot of school supplies. The art room became a storage room and I started to do my OBS work in the hallway! It was really bad! I have it all cleaned and I will have to take pictures for all to see tomorrow. It feels good to get organized! {Edited: My photos were too dark. I am going to have to let the pro take a look and help me get good photos for you all to see!}

The goal for all this organization was so that I could begin teaching Ethan from some of my old lesson plans. I realized several months ago that I have six years of lesson plans just collecting dust! I have been trying new things with Ethan but it seems silly when all the work has already been done for me! Now that everything is organized it is so much easier to find supplies now! So, starting in February, I am going to get a little more structured with my dare-devil! This way, I can channel some of that destructive behavior into good. I will post some of my favorite projects along the way... maybe you will be inspired to do some with your little one!


Tammy said...

Grats on your new leadership position at your church. Sorry to hear Ethan is sick. Oh man, milk coming out of his mouth onto the floor, you poor thing.

Josh and Becca said...

I can't wait to see some of the things you will do with Ethan!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

As a fellow teacher, I look forward to seeing your lesson plans. I'd share mine but does Ethan really need to know how to determine the solubility constant of calcium hydroxide by titration? No? Just a little? Oh, okay.

Both the girls are asthmatic so I sympathize. I can't quite remember anything like pouring milk out of their mouths though. I must be doing some selective memorizing as they age. -Jeff