Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Bit of Crazy

Becca has called me a few time last week asking why I hadn't posted anything lately... I told her that it isn't all that great to talk about the training sessions Ethan and I have had these last two weeks. She told me that I needed to make a list about the good things. I love that girl! She helped me realize that I was thinking negatively most of the day! Training for 12 hours straight makes for a long day... but I have been able to take these times and really look for the good in them.

Yesterday, Ethan was a blast and made me laugh most of the day! Like when he was face down on the floor chewing on the threshing at the door to his room. I think boys just try and eat everything! He looked so funny with his bottom up in the air and licking the floor! ;) Later, he asked to take a nap with me and that was special. I drew "letters" on his back for five minutes and we both fell asleep. It is something special when he falls asleep in my arms because it is very rare. When Ethan was born and we came home from the hospital I couldn't rock him to sleep - he just wouldn't have it!

Yesterday was our first day working with my old lesson plans. We had a great time creating a heart mobile. I pre-cut a circle from white paper (a white paper plate would work too). Ethan placed it in our painting tub (we love to re-use the tubs that you get while in the hospital) and he helped me squeeze red paint in the center of the paper. I then added five marbles and let Ethan shake and roll the marbles around the paper. He really loved it! We flipped the paper and did the same thing. After it dried, Ethan watched as I cut the circle into a spiral, punched holes, and added the hearts. Of course if he was a little older he would be the one cutting everything out. Just cutting one heart and Ethan would be all done with his craft for the day! ;)

I realized that I am going to have quite a bit of art hanging around the place and came up with a great idea! I am going to hang up his work for about a week, then send it all to different family members. That way, the house doesn't get cluttered and Ethan can make a grandparent or auntie's day! I will post the picture of the craft later today!

I was a little disappointed in the Bible curriculum when I started re-reading my lessons. The lessons are from 2003-2004. I guess the only way I could explain it would be, it was before God showed me how to teach His word His way! You know not just telling children "about God" but actually letting them experience God. So, Dave and I are thinking of ordering the curriculum that I ordered for our church's children's church. It would be amazing if Ethan could learn the same lessons that our preschoolers and graders are learning but at his level. It would only be about $15 a month. Not bad for learning God's word in a way that will stick!

Also, today was Aerobic day and Ethan just sat on the floor and stared at me. When I cut the time short, since he wasn't participating, he cried, "E-ser-size!" I guess he really did like it. I think it will be like teaching preschoolers... it will take some time getting use to the crazy teacher!


Tammy said...

What is your 12 hour a day training for?

Rebecca Grinder said...

So glad you posted... I have missed your stories!

Jennifer Evans said...

BEHAVIOR training AKA terrible twos!

Kate said...

oh and THANKS! You just gave me my craft idea for a Valentine themed play date I'm hosting!! woo hoo!