Saturday, February 7, 2009

Catch the Heart

Today we are going to the Salem Library's Discovery Room. Every season they change the theme and since it is Salem's 150th birthday guess what the theme is? Oregon of course! We are also going for Sarah since she is trying to find information for a 10 unit lesson on The Oregon Trail.

I thought I should post this fun game that we played on Thursday. Pre-cut a heart out of red paper and place some strong tape on the back of it. Stick the heart on your back, or in Ethan's case a lot lower ;) ! Then put on your favorite Valentine's Day song and run around the house. {My favorite song for this month is A Little Bit of Love by Mary Rice Hopkins} Have him try and get the heart off your back. It is so much fun! Then take turns with the heart!

* This game develops hand and eye coordination. Plus it gets those little guys moving. I saw the news last night that said that most of the preschools in this area don't have structured active play. It is very important to get gross motor play in your child's life. It is my biggest struggle right now since it is raining a lot in the winter months. Just getting a ball out in the living room and reminding Ethan to kick it will help him get active. I saw many children in kindergarten and first grade that we already giving the excuses in P.E. that high schoolers gave to get out of running and active sports. Sad.


Patten Family said...

I LOVE Mary Rice! I used to listen to her when I was little : ) She has so many fun songs that are uplifting : ) Sounds like you guys are having fun!

Tammy said...

I love all the fun games you play. How long did it take for Ethan to catch your heart?

Jennifer Evans said...

Not long. I am nice and let him win ;)