Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's the Beginning of Something Great

We have had an eventful weekend. Our weekends don't really start until Saturday evening when Dave comes home from work. Dave's back was a little sore from Friday's work but that didn't stop him from doing a light saber tutorial with Ethan. Dave is really good at flipping and swinging that thing. Ethan had a turn with his Yoda light saber, the perfect size for my little Jedi. Ethan was really doing a good job trying to flip it in his hand... He so wanted to be like Dad.

Sunday morning started with sock nun-chucks and Ethan squealing around the house. Then we went to church and I have to tell you how awesome it was on Sunday! I mean... it is the first time in my life that I have begun to see revival in a church that I have been a part of for years! It is amazing to see lives of people I know being changed! People are so filled with the Holy Spirit that they are practically skipping down the halls! Seriously! The Lord's presence was there during worship and there were tears in people's eyes when I read the scripture for worship. It was so moving! After service, Becca and Josh came and picked up Ethan because we had our first staff meeting since we started in leadership.

Dave, Pastor Paul, and Gary made an amazing BBQ lunch while we got started. They came out with BBQ wings and soda as an appetizer and then went back into the kitchen and made BBQ chicken, rice, jalapeno bread and honeydew. It looked good... I didn't taste it cause I was doing the presentation. I am not kidding... the Lord just spoke through me and you should of seen the faces of the teachers! They were on the edge of their seats - encouraged and blessed! We played an icebreaker, a game from this Spring's curriculum, and I demonstrated one of the Bible lessons for May. Teachers were sharing how God was moving in their lives, in their children's lives, and in their family! There were tears and laughter... it was incredible. I am so excited to see what God has planned for this spring! It is going to be life changing!

Monday, the weather started to get colder, so we knew that the sun wasn't out for long. We took Ethan to the park down the street to play ball. While we were walking Dave jumped to throw the basketball and when he landed his back went out! He was in so much pain that he went into the doctor the next morning. The doctor has Dave on medication and a no work release for at least a week. If he isn't feeling better within a week he has to go in for x-rays and physical therapy.

The medication Dave is on keeps him awake and moving... well, slowly ;) Just yesterday Dave fixed the broken dresser drawer, fixed a broken light fixture, cleaned out all the cupboards in the kitchen and pantry, and baked banana bread. That was all before 1pm when he entertained the two church members visiting to pray for him! Ha! Sorry, did I just laugh with my outside voice? (Cough! Cough!) Poor guy. Poor guy.

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