Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The End Result Was A Good Time

This week I have been busy with so many projects! I have been preparing for Ethan's birthday party this weekend. Along with the birthday plans I have been staying up late sewing my little fingers to the bone. There is something strange about Dave's family. There are eight birthdays in February and March! Ethan is the only boy! So, I just decided that everyone gets a doll!

While I am busy making 7 girls a doll, I have added another four to my list. Two are for a set of twins in California and the other two are for my best friend. For those who know me, know I have a best friend who doesn't really consider me as her best friend. That's because she is six years old. How many six year olds do you know have a thirty year old as their best friend? That's what I thought. My little friend, Alyssa, has a best friend who is five years old. They do everything together. They even have shoes that are alike! This week her friend has been very sick possibly with a disease. I want to make two dolls that look like Alyssa and her friend and have Alyssa help stuff her friend's doll. Please be in prayer for Alyssa's friend...

Ethan and I have kept our daily schedule filled with fun games and activities. Monday was our sensory activity using shaving cream. This has got to be the most fun Ethan has had at craft time! I knew what to expect and it was exactly as I thought. When I taught preschool, I would bring out the first sensory activity in class and the children would flip out, cry, or refuse participation. There is something wrong about touching something that won't come off quick enough!

To prepare for this activity, I brought in Ethan's small craft table into the kitchen. Mom bought this table (with two chairs) at a garage sale. I love that woman!

I wrap the table with plastic wrap and tape the ends to the table. This saves so much time with clean up. I remember the days that I would be washing the table over and over again, with the shaving cream never wanting to come off! What a mess!

Then, I take shaving cream and put it into a recycled container and add three drops of food coloring. We used red. I am allergic to some scents and so I always use fruit scented shaving cream. The house will smell like whatever you use for quite some time, so I make sure I use something I won't react to. Then, I let Ethan have a blast with it!

I love this reaction! "What is this?"

A familiar face during the first sensory time.

He kept on saying "Dirty!"

Get it off! Get it off!
My battery died on my camera right after this shot. Bummer. Later, he realized you could slide it around and then write letters on the table! He really loved reading his, Dad's, and Mom's name. When he was all done I just washed him up and took the plastic wrap off the table and threw it in the trash. Simple as that. The end result was a good time!


Jessica Gray said...

Wow the shaving cream sounds like a good idea. I know that Korissa would love it! She loves messes LOL...Good idea about the table wrapped up, quick clean up! :)

Kate said...

ha ha! I love it when little kids are anti dirty!! Ben did that the other week when we made silly slime at someone's house....yes..homemade silly slime and the boy would rather play with a doll house!

Rebecca Grinder said...

Love it! Wish I was there!