Monday, January 18, 2010

Blessed Weekend

It was a relaxing weekend. It started with Ethan saying all Saturday morning and afternoon, "I want to go to the parking garage, Mama." I had no clue what he was talking about until about 2pm. It hit me! So, I asked him, "Ethan, do you want to go to the mall?" He yelled, “YES! I want to go to the mall to the parking garage!" So, I knew Dave just got off of work and so I called Ethan and for some reason when Ethan told Dave that he wanted to go to the parking garage he knew exactly what he was talking about. ;)

It was funny. Dave drove all the way from Woodburn, picked us up, and we drove all the way back into Salem so Ethan could go to the mall and ride the exca-vator (aka. escalator).

Sunday, we spent the morning in church enjoying worship. Leia was subbing for Ben who was out of town. Leia brought some friends, who are amazingly talented, to lead worship. Which meant that Dave and I got to worship for the first time, since before Ethan was born, with the congregation. It was such a blessing and touched me more than knew it would. Plus she sang all my favorite songs that I miss her singing and so it was lovely... the Holy Spirit was there and we were totally blessed.

Today, we went into town with Ethan to Costco. Ethan just sat in the back of the cart with his bag of books and read them all before wanting to get out and walk around. Costco has a sofa for sale called "Ethan." I think Ethan thought that meant he could take it home. ;)

I also got pictures of the boys today. I am learning more about our camera and trying to do things "on my own." I am looking forward to a free photography class online at Paislee Press every Friday. I hope I learn a lot about making my photographs more heartfelt.

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