Friday, January 15, 2010

Mr. Style

Ethan was so happy that we found his sunglasses. He has to wear them every time we go outside, when he remembers. I love this hat. It is from my classroom boxes for winter. We changed out all his toys and now he has winter items on his dress-up rack. It crackes me up. Sometimes he is even wearing ear muffs. I can't wait to show you that picture!

Earlier in the week we went out for a walk when the rain stopped for half an hour or so. ;) We walked down to the lawn down the street before you get to the mill parking lot. They have a Christmas tree drop off site and I wanted to show Ethan the HUGE pile of trees. Did he care? No. It was like he hadn't seen it. Maybe he couldn't with those glasses on. ;)

My garden still has beautiful textures. I wish it was spring already...

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Rebecca Grinder said...

loved hanging out with you all last night - and, "Dad, that's not funny!"