Saturday, January 2, 2010

December Daily: Day 25

It was a beautiful morning, just the three of us. Growing up we always woke up to our stockings at the foot of our bed which is a tradition we continue in our home. We were always allowed to open them in bed and knowing that Ethan would be climbing in our bed by two in the morning, we made sure all three stockings were at the foot of the bed before the little guy woke up. We got to sleep in a little, which is always nice! It was priceless to see Ethan try and figure out what was in the stocking. It didn't take long and he played in bed with us for a little while. I was surprised to find "It's a Wonderful Life" in my stocking since Dave gave me such a hard time yesterday for not owning it. He is such a stinker! It was a surprise and it meant a lot that he would go out of his way to get it for me. The best part is that it is in Blue Ray! Can't wait. Dave wants to see what the color is like, but for me, I want the classic black and white... I also got a TON of chocolate and three scrapbook magazines. All of which I don't have already. Dave said, "See? I pay attention!" He does. He is wonderful. Dave opened his stocking and was excited to find all the cooking gagets that Ethan picked out for him and "Wolverine" on Blue Ray from me.

We were excited for Ethan to open presents so we went to the tree first. We only got him a few since we knew that he would be getting some at Grandma and Grandpa's. If you aren't careful the whole "present" thing can ruin a month of teaching about the gift of Christmas. So, we tried to keep it small here at home.

Ethan totally looked cute in his "Super Why" costume. He wanted to fly. So Dave helped him around the room a bit. Dave opened his gift from Ethan - a remote control car. Dave has always wanted one of these and it was great that Ethan picked it out. Ethan also got a remote control car (younger version) so they can play together. Ethan picked out the car and it is a neon green. I personally would of picked a different color but it was Ethan's gift, not mine. After breakfast and showers we were off to Mom and Dad's for Christmas. We always like to be the first there. Dave helped make Mom's fruit salad. Well, Mom stood there and told Dave what to throw into the bowl and he did it. ;)

It seemed as if we were all there besides one - Heather. She called from Iraq and we all looked at her pictures of the Christmas party online. The connection was bad and so we all didn't get a chance to talk to her. I wish she was home for Christmas but we are all praying for her saftey and quick return home.

I got to talk with Deb and Matt while at Mom and Dad's on the cell phone. It was great because they ended up getting my gift in the mail that day! I got to hear them open it on the phone. It was nice to hear Matt eating the homemade beef jerkey over the phone.

After dinner, we all opened gifts.

Ethan got some great Toy Story toys.

I think Dave has taken a picture of Tammy and her camera every year. I should find them all and make a layout of them all.

I really like this picture! Heehee. So Jessica.

Ethan playing with his new monster truck.

Mom and Dad got me a digital frame! Whoohoo!

Tammy opening her ring that Ethan made! Everyone loved them.

Dad and Mom loved their gifts that Ethan made them. They were surprised too, which means they don't read this blog. LOL!

Jess and Nick really loved the canvas and were also surprised. I am glad that I can make things months in advanced, post about them, and still give them away as gifts. LOL! This canvas meant a lot since it was a Triple the Sketch piece. Jess already has it hanging up in her living room. ;)

Dave was excited to get his new eco-friendly cutting board from Mom.

After everyone went home, Dave drove Ethan, Mom, and me around the Keizer Lights. There is a neighborhood in Keizer that always has a huge display of lights every year. They even collect canned goods for the local shelter for an entry fee. Ethan was really tired by this time, but it was still fun. I felt like a kid again gazing at the lights. It was a good feeling.

We came home exhasted from the day but happy. Ethan fell right to sleep when we got home. Dave and I got to relax before going to bed. The Lord has been so good to us. Not only did He give us His Son but he gives us so much more than we deserve... we are extremely thankful.


Rebecca Grinder said...

LOVE the post! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh! Worth waiting for. ;)
Such a warm, fuzzy Christmas will make wonderful memories for years to come.

Jessica Gray said...

Loved the pictures! Glad you and your family and our family together had an amazing Christmas! Love you guys