Friday, January 8, 2010

Unexpected Day Out

Let me just express how absolutely wonderful our vacation was this year. Dave has never had Christmas Eve through New Years off and it was heavenly. We stayed home and only ventured out into town when we needed to or just for fun. It was relaxing and just what we needed. Dave played with Ethan everyday with their running, wrestling, and tickling games. I fell in love with Dave all over again this week... {sigh!}

As our vacation was getting closer to an end, (Monday was our last day) we started to realize that life was going to have to go back to normal. It put a little damper on our moods for sure! Becca called on Sunday to see if we wanted to go to town to hangout. Since we hadn't seen them all week we were excited to be asked! I mean I didn't expect to see Becca until the end of the week.

Dave and Josh hung out and Sarah, Becca, Ethan, and I went to Macy's. Becca needed to look for some new boots. Afterwards we stopped at the Riverfront Park, in Salem for Ethan to run some energy off! Macy's and a two year old don't go together!

I am thankful Becca brought her camera. She is becoming quite the photographer. She has a good eye for what she wants in a photo. Then, I get to steal her memory cards and take it home to crop and enhance what she was wanting.

Now, if we could just get her an SLR camera and we can hire her when we do weddings. ;)


Rebecca Grinder said...

hehehe... If only a SLR camera was in the deal I would do weddings free of charge!

O. said...

O.K., so I was going back in your posts to get caught up, and I read the one about Ethan crying about wanting a sister. This week, first Alyssa is after me for a sister. Then the night before last, Jonathan told me in all seriousness that we need to have 5 kids because "we only have 2 kids and only one mommy and one daddy. I need more friends in the house." Oh, well. Their going to have to do without. =)