Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Grandma's Tea Cup

A few years ago, Mom was clearing out her cupboards and had this little blue cup, along with two others, in a pile of items she was going to get rid of. I flipped out at how awesome they were and she told me they were Grandma's. Grandma use to use the trio of unmatched tea cups to dye Easter eggs. I couldn't believe that Grandma used them like that. But, I guess if I had something for so long and it was unmatched, I might use it for the same thing. But, today, these are little treasures! In fact, I will share a little more later with you about one of the tea cups. Mom gave them to me.

Back to our story... Ethan saw this little tea cup in my cupboard and asked if he could use it. Why not? Another antique being used by my son for his milk. ;) So, he feels so special using Grandma's tea cup.

The tea thing isn't going like I planned. Actually, it is very hard. Not the drinking part. But, it goes straight through me and if I drink it after lunch I am up all night! I need to re-think this. It is nice to have a hot cup in my hands during a meal, though. I never thought I would be the blanket-and-a-hot-cup-of-tea-with-a-book kind of gal. I like it.

I also took this picture of Ethan in the tub today. Super cute!


Becca said...

how I miss my sweet pea!

Jessica Gray said...

I love the tub picture if Ethan! He is so darn cute! The tea cups are super cute too! I wish I liked tea:(...Nick is the tea drinker here:) ...