Friday, February 5, 2010

How Much Is Much

It has been a productive week of packing and well... packing. While Dave is at work, I have been busy packing boxes. Then when the boys are asleep, I have been cleaning out the attic and packing some more. Now, the house is done and I have been twirling my thumbs for the last two days wondering what to do.

I got my Craft Warehouse assignment today and I got so distracted that I actually finished half of the assignment during Ethan's rest time. Of course, I packed some items that I needed to finish the job... sigh! Oh well. ;)

While we are working around the house we have been listening to The Narnia Series on CD. Sarah got us this for a gift. It is the most rewarding thing I have done in a long time. While I work, I am being touched by the stories and symbolism that C.S. Lewis wrote about. I had been working on reading The Horse and His Boy for three years now. I am so glad I finished it this week. So powerful. Becca and I have been gushing over it ever since.

Dave and Ethan have been fighting off something for the last two weeks. I am sure Ethan's behavior has a bit to do with this new transition too. We have had a casualty this week due to Ethan's strange mood swings. Poor Guido (from the movie Cars) was placed in a hole in the wood stove. Mind you, this hole leads to no where we can reach. Dave tried with a wire hanger with no luck. Now if we can just keep Ethan's fingers from going inside the hole yelling, "Guido! Where are you?!" Poor Guido. You never had a chance. From the first moment Ethan pushed you along you became an out cast. It's not your fault you are small and your wheels can't race. Sven gets rejected too. Probably because he is a politician...

Today Dave came home with Ethan wanting to play with him right away! So, they got out their soft swords. Dave and I bought these swords probably the first year we were married at the Lego Store. I am so glad that they get to play now and not me. Ethan swings at Dave while looking at me yelling, "Watch Mom!" Then I laugh and he says it again. Dave swings, turns, flips, and continues playing at the same time making sure he doesn't actually hit Ethan with the sword. Dave is very talented when it comes to doing Ninja moves while doing several things at once. Tonight, Ethan yelled, "Look at this big one Mom!" Then, he swung and smacked Dave right on the cheek and Dave fell on his back. It was so funny that I couldn't stop laughing. Then I cried. It hurt. Sigh, it was great!

This weekend is supposed to be nicer than next so we are taking advantage! Becca and I are going to paint the new house tomorrow, while dear Sarah watches Ethan. I love those girls. I am not sure what I would do without them. They not only are wonderful friends but the best workers I know. Then, Dave and I will be moving as much as we can this weekend.

Well, we will see how much is much...