Sunday, February 14, 2010

Right Where We Belong

Well... this has been a very productive week. Dave called from work on Tuesday and said, "Well, I traded my vacation for this week! Wanna move tomorrow?" So I started packing the kitchen (which took the whole day) and we were ready to go! Wednesday through Friday we were going back and forth with Dad's truck moving. We did everything by ourselves and I have the bruises to show for it! ;)

Thursday was our first night in our new home even though we hadn't moved everything yet. After stubbing my toe three times on the same box I decided to start unpacking. It was the same night that Dave and I stayed up until 2:30am trying to build the IKEA cabinet for my art supplies. Let me say that building things together isn't marriage strengthening. You know, "Pray together, stay together." "Play together, stay together." You know them all. Building is not one of those things that you can do to strengthen your marriage. In fact, I learned something new that night. If we want to stay together to never build together. ;) We couldn't get those stubborn doors on. We built the whole cabinet together using a word-less instruction booklet with over 30 steps and couldn't get the doors on!

Friday night I stayed up until 1:30am (man, I need to find the batteries for our clocks) and finished most of the living room. Saturday, Dave had to go back to work for the day and then he was on his weekend. While Dave was at work, I finished Ethan's room and most of our bedroom. We had Josh, Becca, and Sarah come over to help with our stubborn doors. Josh wasn't here five minutes before he had all the doors installed. Sigh! Why did we risk our marriage when we could have just had our brother-in-law over to build it? Becca helped me unpack all my art supplies. Now our living room is done and beautifully cozy. But, if I can't find something in the cabinet, I am going to have to call Becca to tell me where it is!

Today has been a relaxing day. I didn't unpack one box! Dave and Dad went to pick up the washer and dryer while Ethan and I played outside. Ethan drove his big Tonka trucks and stomped in mud puddles. I started clearing the garden to get ready to transplant my perennials.

This house use to be my best friend, Joanne's home. In the front of her garden she had this beautiful Spanish lavender. Since she moved out, someone moved the lavender to the back of the house. So, when Dave told me that he invited Joanne and Eric to dinner I made sure I cleared the front of the garden. Then, I went out back and moved that lavender right back where it belongs.


Rebecca Grinder said...

Love you!

Kate said...

what no pictures?! you can come garden to your hearts content in our pitiful back yard......