Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just One Of Those Days

Moving is always hard on children and even more so on toddlers. Ethan had a pretty hard time during the packing process. It was strange having boxes piling high in the hallways and rooms. His behavior was difficult too. For one of the sunny days we went out for a walk on our favorite gravel street in Lyons. Ethan started out good but then half way down the road he just stopped. Sat down and stayed there. I got a few shots of his negative attitude. It was funny when he started to tell me he was in time-out and not to take a picture of him. Man, he gets in time-out once in the nursery with a substitute teacher and he won't let it go!

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Kate said...

that 2nd pic is classic! Ben had what I called "the lip" and I would try to make him do it just so I could have a picture of it!!