Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Little Piece Of Sunshine

I knew that I wanted my new living room to be clean, fresh, white, with black accents. But, I also wanted another accent color to bring life into the room. I wasn't sure that color that would be. We went to IKEA to buy some much needed items for our new home. One being curtains. Our new living room has three large windows in it and I didn't own three sets of curtains all the same style or size. IKEA had them for super inexpensive but they only came in three colors. One of the colors was a nice yellow. I hadn't thought of yellow, but it is very cheerful and great next to white.

Later that week, I was packing Ethan's room when I decided to wash his slip cover to his little rocker that Mom bought him at a garage sale after he was born. The chair had terrible fabric stapled to it and I just used a slip cover from Target right over it. I decided that nasty fabric should come off and then it dawned on me that I hadn't see what the original chair even looked like. So I ripped off the fabric (it wasn't too hard) and couldn't believe my eyes! There sat a vintage yellow rocker. I cleaned it up and decided if Dave liked it we were keeping it that way and adding it to our living room for that extra color we needed.

Dave was surprised (I think he thought it was a new garage sale find) and he loves it. Who doesn't? Everyone that comes over loves the little pop of color it brings to the room. ;)

I took these photos of Ethan in the chair the day after discovering it's original color!

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