Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Home

I promised photos of our new home and here are a few. This is the view from the front door. This mobile home was built in the late 70s but it doesn't seem like it (outside of the kitchen) because most of the wood paneling is painted. Thankfully we didn't have that job to do. ;) I love the white walls in the living room and the three windows. We have never had new furniture in our life and we are OK with that. We make it our own by our art and photographs.

This view is looking toward the door from the picture above. We have a lot of books and so many book shelves. Ethan and I love being able to just get a book and sit and read in the living room now. This collection is mostly children's and classics.

Ha! My IKEA cabinet door is still off! There is a bracket that has to be ordered still since we stripped that one during our building process. But, it is great otherwise! Inside is all of my art supplies, Ethan's art supplies, and Ethan's school supplies. The laptop fits perfectly in the slide-out keyboard drawer in the computer desk. I am not use to such a small desk to work at and I was all over the place when I worked at the new space earlier in the week. But, I am sure it will do fine once I get use to it.

The view into the living room from the kitchen hallway.

The kitchen is really outdated but I don't seem to mind while in it. I am not including the photo of the 70s yellow/green stove to the left. ;) We added our IKEA kitchen racks to help with space and you are not going to believe it - we have extra room in this kitchen! Not sure how that happened. Ha! I guess we realized we don't need four sets of china! This kitchen doesn't have a dishwasher and for the first time since the third grade I am washing dishes by hand. All is well now though because my dear friend Sarah heard that my portable CD player broke in the move and bought me a new one. Now I listen to The Chronicles of Narnia radio broadcast by Focus on the Family and it is like listening to a movie! It is so wonderful and helps the time go by faster. It takes me a good hour to an hour and a half washing up after dinner.

I will have to share more soon. I just finished cleaning up the last room. I still have those three boxes to unpack and then I will be done. Have to do it tomorrow since Ethan's birthday is on Sunday!


Kate said...

looks so cute! and don't're not the only one with an outdated kitchen! I've decided granite countertops are overrated!! :) and in all honesty...I'm jealous of the countertops you have...I have tile and HATE it!!!

Barb said...

All the hard work paid off; your new place looks so cozy and inviting! You've done a great job! I hope Ethan's BD party this weekend is loads of fun. I can't believe he's three!