Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ethan Had The Right Idea

When I was offered my new job and this new home, we knew we had to try and stay a night here to see if Dave or Ethan were allergic to the place. So before we said yes we packed our suitcase for a night and camped out. We laughed joking that all we had to do is rub Dave's face in the carpet and we would know right away if he could live here. ;)

I gave Ethan his own suit case and told him he could pack anything he wanted . I left the room and heard several crashes! I went back in the room and this is what I found. Ethan tried to put every toy he owned (including his coat rack) into the bag. So funny!


Kate said...

wow! and they say women are bad!! that's hilarious!

Rebecca Grinder said...

Everything but the kitchen sink!