Friday, October 24, 2008

Eight Minutes of That

Have you ever had one of those moments, where you know you should go get the camera but don't for fear of losing the moment all together? Those of you that spend time behind the camera instead of in front of it might understand my meaning. Seeing life through a view-finder instead of living it to the fullest has kept Dave away from the camera at home for a while. Today, I wanted to run and grab it but knew that would start the pattern of - turning it on, looking at settings, take a picture, notice that the card is still in the card reader, grab the card, put it in, take a picture, all for the batteries to die before the photo was taken! Then where is the moment? Gone! That's what!

So, Dave has this thing about the song American Pie right now. He was out with a friend and heard it, realized that he has always liked that song, went to the computer and downloaded three or four albums with the song on it to his Zune, and now a new ritual is born. In the evening, Ethan yells around the house looking for his blanket (yeah, we talk to inanimate objects in this household). "Blank-ie!" he yells until he finds it. Then he tugs at Dave until Dave picks him up and plays the song. Dave rocks Ethan cheek to cheek during the slow beginning. Then, as the song picks up pace, Dave starts dancing and Ethan just chuckles and snuggles - then chuckles again. Where am I during this new evening pow wow? I am sitting in the living room chair with tears in my eyes at how blessed I could be to deserve it all? There's no way I could tear myself away from my chair and miss eight minutes of that...

and yes, American Pie is over eight minutes long.


Tammy said...

How sweet is that! I can totally picture (oops, said the picture it too.

P.S. You have been tagged...please visit my blog and read my tag post to play along.

Nick and Jessica Gray said...

Hey Jen I am going to tag you! I noticed Tammy got you as well so do 12 random things instead of two posts. Have fun! Read my blog to find out the details and to play along. ! LOve ya

Love Jessica