Thursday, October 2, 2008

Good Finds

Oh dearie. Today was the Stayton Library sale (can't wait for next week's Salem Library sale). Of course I wasn't looking for books for school this year. I was looking for books for Ethan and for art! I found some really great books - check them out! Most of them are 1949-1953. Davy and Roy are first additions.

Congrats to Kati who won the page pebbles in our drawing! Hope you love them!


Kate said...

A little birdie told me you were actually ripping pages out of Jane Austen novels. *GASP* BLASPHEMY!

HA!! :D I told the birdie that since you were no Mr. Collins, that it was fine......and the highest form of flattery...

Jennifer Evans said...

Ha! I guess I only did it cause I was going to the book sale to get another... I got a hard cover and it is older, so I feel better. :) I felt like a criminal at the cashier. If she asked any questions how could I lie? The people at these things are hard-core book lovers and could of jumped me in the parking lot! Well, maybe not. I was the youngest person there. :) The truth is that they are withdrawen from the library or schools and there mostly is a reason why. They are falling apart, torn, colored in, or the spine is damaged. Is that a good enough reason. Probably not!