Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's Signing Time (updated)

Take a look at Signing Time's photo gallery to see Dave's pictures! Check out our family pictured last in the slide show. :) What a blessing it was to be able to take the photographs for the Signing Time concert benefiting Willamette Valley Down Syndrome Association! Most of you know that we were there with Ethan just as a family, when we were asked if we would take the pictures of the event! Ummm... of course! Didn't have to ask us twice! We had a blast meeting Cory, with the WVDSA. She has such a heart for what she does! The concert was amazing and Rachel's voice is even more beautiful in concert. I love her down-to-earth personality. These are a few of my favorite photos that Dave took. I think he captured her personality, spirit, and heart! Check out the rest of our favorites at our website!

Also, don't forget to check out the new Baby Signing Time website. The new volumes just came out and I can't wait to teach Ethan some new songs!

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