Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things I Love About My Sis and Josh

Do you have someone in your life that just makes everything ok? I mean they are that Band-aid of a friend? Josh and Becca are like that for us. I was really thinking the other day that it wouldn't be the same if they weren't here. I mean I really would be in trouble and I am just not sure how I would make it. Since we all have been in the habit of making lists (thanks a lot Tammy!) here is mine about how Josh and Becca have helped us these last few weeks...

1. Becca kept me sane by coming over in the middle of the week to hang out with Lil' E and me.

2. Josh called to see if we needed any groceries when I was without a car for two weeks.

3. Becca took me to town to "get out" when I had cabin fever.

4. Becca calls me almost every day during her lunch break so that I can get some words in to an "adult" during the day - plus to make sure Ethan didn't tie me up and take over the house.

5. Josh came over and fixed the garage roof that was dry rotting.

6. Josh drove me to the DMV to get new registration when Dave was at work.

7. Josh took care of Ethan while I was filling out paper work at the DMV.

8. Josh said that Ethan's screaming in the back seat didn't bother him (even when it was bothering me).

9. Becca's emails during the day to keep me connected with the real world.

10. The meals that Josh and Becca have brought over so that we can hang out.

11. Josh went to the printers to get One Bright Spot's business cards printed since he knew it would be too much for me and Ethan to go to town.


Tammy said...

Yes, you are very blessed! Thank you for sharing that. Did you and Dave take that wonderful pic of them?

Jessica Gray said...

Awww that was so sweet. :) I wanted to cry... I felt the tears building..... I love the post I think that everyone should have a sister like that or a best friend!

Jennifer Evans said...

I got the idea and Dave took it. Dave didn't like my idea but I like the artistic look of it! I don't care what people say - I love it! :)

Tammy said...

I love it too! Great artistic call on that one!

Kate said...

love the picture, but Josh needs to SMILEEEE!!! off those pearly whites! great post Jen....