Friday, October 3, 2008

On a Serious Note...

One of the blogs that I follow is Ali Edward's blog called {A}. This week she has a week long project that she has been challenging people to join with her and do. It is looking at the everything we do in the week and just journaling the well... every day. Just capturing the every day moments. Then, at the end of the week she encourages us to make a book. She got her camera and supplies ready and has shared the everyday with us on her blog. She is also answering questions if anyone has any.

I have to admit that I wanted to do this project. You may have noticed that there hasn't been any posts about Ethan for a bit. Sometimes it is hard to capture the...well, not so good. Ever since Monday, Ethan has been in and out of the doctors office (they know us by name now). Sunday he had a runny nose, Monday the barking cough started, Tuesday the unproductive cough, and Wednesday the unable to breathe. So, they had us go into the doctor's. It was great cause Dave met us there. He was great in asking all the important questions while I run after Ethan. (He kept on taking his cracker and trying to write the letter "A" on the wall - impressive, but gross). Dave had to hunt down a medical supply store to get a nebulizer while I took Ethan home. We put Ethan down for bed and he kept waking up through out the night. I was hoping to get to read the manual before using it but Dave woke me up at 5:30am and said that Ethan needed the nebulizer. So, I guess I really am a visual learner because I remembered everything the doctor showed me and gave Ethan his dose while half asleep.

Thursday we continued our doses at the right time but I realized that a one year old will not sit for 20 minutes - so in went Signing Time! We had a lot of TV/meds and Ethan wasn't getting any better. So, called the doctor again and they had us go in. Dave met us again. We now have a steroid to help as well. The good thing is that we can put the two meds together and do them at the same time in the nebulizer.

As I was thinking yesterday about Ethan and his sickness and Ali Edward's project, I realized that this is our everyday. At least for now. Why erase his life? Why not have pictures of it? When he is better we can look back and give glory to God for healing.

So, I am a little late but decided to start just a day journal for now (instead of a week). Here's my list:

1. Woke up before Ethan
2. Checked emails and etsy
3. Got Ethan milk
4. Got Ethan up
5. Got Ethan dressed and started a load of laundry
6. Made cereal for breakfast. Cut an apple from Mom and Dad's tree to share between the two of us.
7. Batteries died on the camera. Started to charge them.
8. Dried and washed dishes
9. Got Ethan down from breakfast and did laundry
10. Brushed Ethan's teeth/washed his face
11. Signing Time/meds. Free play while Mom took a shower.
12. Play time upstairs/switched toys around upstairs and downstairs. Dug out cars and trucks from storage closets. Found alphabet games and toys that he would love!
13. Played downstairs with magnets on the fridge.
14. Lunch - potato soup and milk - Dad made it last night Didn't eat it.
15. Tired and ready for nap
16. I ran about cleaning the house: picking up, laundry, dishes, table.
17. Becca called on her lunch break
18. Packaged items for etsy.
19. Packaged Kati's page pebbles.
20. Worked on the site as Becca asked
21. Cleaned bathrooms, took out trash
22. Ethan woke up and we had snack: bread sticks and milk and a couple of crackers while we waited for them in the oven. Raisins too but Ethan fed them all to me instead of eating them himself.
23. We did craft. Nature collage with items he collected last week. He was so NOT interested.
24. We got our puddle jumpers on and rain coats and went to the post office to mail Kati's package.
25. Tried to teach Ethan how to puddle jump at the post office and he looked at me like I was crazy. I am sure people who drove by thought the same.
26. Listened to the postmaster go on about financial advisers since I told her about etsy. gave me some number for free advice.
27. Went home and had free play.
28. Dinner with potato soup, left over bread sticks, and an apple. Wow, we need to go to the store. :)
29. Dave calls and says his car broke down on his way home and he is waiting for Paul to come and help him look at it.
30. Super Why!/meds
31. Ethan finds my book cart and is wheeling it around with his blocks.
32. Dave comes home by driving in 1st gear the whole way.
33. Ethan and Dad play
34. Ethan gets ready for bed with a bath. Introducing the potty - screamed. Got down and peed on the front of the tub.
35. Played with cars in his room by himself!
36. Brushed teeth, cleaned cars. Bible time read Samuel and he was calling out "Samuel! Samuel!" with hands over his mouth like I was!
37. Prayed, Dave got pacifier out of basket, and Ethan turned out the light. When we left he was yelling "dog" about his Spud stuffed animal.
38. Peace.


Kati said...

okay woman! the next you have a sick kid-o my package can wait to be mailed!!! :) I did get my ornament and LOOOOVE IT! My mother-in-law is going to flip when she sees it!

Jen said...

Thanks, you're awesome!

Anonymous said...

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I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!