Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Few Thoughts On My Mind

I am sure I was just like every other person in America glued in front of the television last night. It seems that whatever I do or read today everyone has an opinion about the outcome of our new president. Some people are not so positive about their opinions and very vocal. Some of the blogs that I read daily have several comments that are negative. All I have to say to that is "Wow!"

I have peace in it all. This last month I have been reading in I and II Kings. I have always had a hard time reading these books, probably because there are so many kings that turn from God's ways - but I rejoice when I read about the kings that turn to God and change Judah and Israel for the better. This time around, I have been reading it getting encouraged along the way. Every time a king comes into power, God allows it. There is freewill in the decisions that the king makes and the outcome of their life and dynasty is based on their walk with the Lord. They are blessed by God for following Him.

Last night, no matter the outcome, was a life changing experience! We will always remember what we were doing November 4th, 2008. But our opinion of the outcome should be voiced in a godly way and manner. Yelling, stomping our feet (as I have seen some people doing), and Bible thumping isn't the answer. It is an encouragement to know that God is in control, will always be in control, and has already won the battle for us all.

The answer to all of our worries would be if we just "lived ready!" Does your attitude today about yesterday show your love for god and your love for people? Are you "living ready" as if today was your last?

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Kate said...

THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! This is exactly what I was thinking last fact, it's what I emailed Becca this morning.