Friday, November 7, 2008

On the Mend

Thanks for the nice comments and kind words for the sick family that we were. Ethan still has a runny nose and it takes me a while to get moving in the morning, but we are on the mend. There has been several projects that I am working on and I wanted to share a few. The first is our family Thanksgiving project -for those family members who haven't sent me your questions you have a week! No pressure or anything. ;) I have also been getting ready for One Bright Spot's Open House. We also have been working on a huge custom order for our etsy store that we will be able to tell you all about later.

I have also been getting the house staged and ready to put on the market. It has been a slow process since I am only able to really work on it when Ethan is asleep and after my SAHMotherly duties. But, I am excited about finishing the upstairs bedroom. I have posted some pictures even though it was way too dark to get good shots. But I wanted to share!

Not much has changed with the library. I wanted to show those who haven't been in a while. We have added a few books to the library this year.

After the library is the doorway to the room. Here is a new "fort" or cozy area to play and make-believe. With the top clear it makes for great puppet shows. We have already had one! On top is his new hat rack and some vintage books.

Here is the manipulative play area. There are also some musical play things since Ethan loves to jam!

Since our ceilings are A-framed the clock is perfect for Ethan's height! He has learned the numbers and how to say "clock" so I thought it was perfect!

I love the easel on the wall. It is like a piece of art but functional. Since it is staged we won't be doing any painting, but the supplies in the container we used today. The basket below is filled with construction paper. In the middle is the table that Neil Fowler made for Lil' E when he was born. I love it - it was perfect for playing games on it today.

I found this alphabet at a garage sale and paid 50 cents for it. Can you find what letter is missing? Maybe that's why it was in the garage sale. ;) The picket fence is the headboard for our invisible bed at the moment. I also hung a mobile above the bed that is not pictured. The basket under the book rack (which, by the way, is a pot lid rack from IKEA) is filled with stuffed animals. I have always loved that basket!

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Jessica Gray said...

That is such a cute and fun bedroom for Ethan. I love it. I have been trying to redo the kids room (Hard to do with three kids and one being a boy, in a mostly girl room)I love it! love ya hope everyone is well!