Sunday, November 30, 2008

Scarlet Lime Excitement!

So... here it is!!! The day has arrived and I now can spill the beans! Our tags from One Bright Spot was asked to be in December's Scarlet Lime scrapbooking kits! This company is run by a scrapbook magazine editor and designer. She is well known in the scrapbooking community. She was online, saw Becca's design, liked it, and asked for 3075 of them! Yikes! We couldn't turn this down and got started right away. Check out the link on the left to our blog to see photos.

We ordered the paper from, JR Designs, one of Becca's friends in California. We got the paper within a week and took our stuff to the printers... long story short the printers called us to tell us that they messed up. Well, they did! They also cut the tags wrong. So, we had to trim and punch corners of 3075 tags! Do the math... We had to trim 3 x 3075, punch 4 x 3075, sort 3 x 3075, bag 1025, seal 1025, and place a label on 1050. Then we had to bag 6 x 150. Then box 1050. How many times did I touch each tag?

Believe me... there will be NO pop quiz!

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Tammy said...

WOW, that's a lot of work, but what an honor!!! Grats!