Monday, December 1, 2008

December Daily

I was so excited about today! Not only was it our Scarlet Lime debut but it was the beginning of December Daily! Click on Ali Edward's blog on the left to read all about it! So, I had some projects for Ethan to do today to record for my album. I am going to be journaling everyday until Christmas, so keep me accountable! I don't print my pictures at home, so posting on my blog will be my way to remember the events of the month... until I write it down in my album.
Tammy sent me a recipe for cute cookie cutter birdseed tree ornaments. I had the whole project ready to go besides the bird seed. We keep it in the garage. So, I went outside to get a scoop of seed, opened the sealed Rubbermaid container, opened the bag of seed to find a mouse drowned in bird food. Yuck! What I have learned from teaching is to always think ahead. We used honey and brushed it on the bread, baked it at 350 degrees for 3 minutes, and we now had cookie cutter bird toast tree ornaments instead. The great thing is that Ethan had one for snack after the project.

Ethan picked his own Christmas shapes.

He looks so grown up with the large plastic needle and string.

Our honey toast finished and ready to hang on the tree.

Kind of funny... it started to rain a few hours later. Too bad the birds didn't get a chance to nibble. It makes a good picture though. :)
We also made our Christmas chain today. This is a tradition I had forgot about. My family did this when I was young. It was a lot of fun for Ethan because he loves numbers! Ethan, you look so silly in this picture because you are saying "One!"

Tonight was the first time Ethan got to take a number off his chain. We will do this every night before bed.


Tammy said...

The honey toast looks like it was fun. Yucko about the dead mouse. How the heck do they get in those tight places anyways.

I LOVE your countdown to Christmas tradition.

Kate said...

Jen, you are just too creative! I love it......

Rebecca Grinder said...

How fun! I get to help Ethan take a number down on Friday when Sarah and I put him to bed!?!