Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December Daily - Day 23

Today is Marshmallow Day! I have been planning this project all month. Becca told me that she was going to do this project too. She called me last night and said that she didn't realize that the recipe called for a candy thermometer and neither did I. I was upset when I hung up the phone. Dave asked me what was the matter and I told him. His answer was, "We have a candy thermometer." What? Why would we need a candy thermometer? He then reminded me... that it is for deep frying. It all came back to me... during the summer Dave was on a thermometer kick. Those who have husbands with, as Gary Smalley calls it, Otter personality types would totally understand. Dave was learning to grill and was learning about thermometers. He needed a digital thermometer, a grilling thermometer, a regular thermometer, etc... Apparently he found the deep frying thermometer and said that it would be useful to have as well. Mind you, we don't deep fry. Today I was jumping up and down for my husband's, what our friend likes to call, Recreational A.D.D.!

Thanks Dad for the mixer! Show Dave C. these pictures! We are using it! I had to have a stand up mixer for this project!

The recipe online was so much better to follow along. Why did I spend that much on a magazine for the recipe to be easier online?

Ok... I have every kind of cookie cutter that you can imagine. Well, I don't have a penguin, so I used a chicken and cut the tail off and it made a perfect penguin! This was the first time I could really use all of my cookie cutters. I haven't used them since I worked for the daycare.

Bags and cocoa tags ready to go. This morning, Ethan glued until he could glue no more. I did the rest.

The marshmallows only took two and a half hours to set instead of the three to eight that the recipe said. So we got started. Oh dear. Ethan took a lick of the powdered sugar.

He was able to pick the shapes that he wanted. He wanted this one to be for Auntie Becca.

His own marshmallow.

Umm... look at his shirt! He was filled with powdered sugar!

About ten minutes later, Ethan was running circles around the house screaming. Can you guess why?


Tammy said...

That is the coolest thing, making your own marshmallows....saweet!

Kate said...

LOL...ok....check out my blog......am I your guys missing triplet??