Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December Daily - Day 8

Today was filled with things to do! I called it Crazy Craft Day but really all we did is make Christmas Tree Sandwich cookies (from Martha Stewart's Holiday magazine) and we painted to make our own wrapping paper. The cookies are amazing... but had so many steps that it took all day to make. I love how they turned out but I think we will be making these a Christmas tradition! The best part is... the are so good and they have NO EGG!

Dave took Dad to the hospital in Portland today to have surgery. When he came home, Ethan had a cookie on a plate waiting at the door for him. It was so cute! When Dave came in he held out the plate and almost launched the cookie at Dave! Dave was surprised!

The items we used to make our own wrapping paper.

Ethan did a great job of adding the powdered sugar!


Rebecca Grinder said...

what great pictures... and Ethan looks so grown up for not even being 2 yet! That one cookie E is eating looks a little on the dark side, lol ;)

Jennifer Evans said...

Yeah, it did... they say to rotate in the oven half way and I did. Afterwards, I wonder if it meant flip them over? But, really they weren't burnt but taste really good.

Jessica Gray said...

The cookies look really yummy! It is so cool that Ethan can help out and have fun doing it. Korissa haha she would eat everything! We'll see though when Gramma Tammy comes over and we do out sugar cookies! I love all the posts and the pictures of Ethan!

Tammy said...

What kind of cookies are they?