Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pacie - Broken! Blankie OK!

So we are going on a week and a half of Ethan without his pacifier. I have wanted to post this story for a while but had to get over the mama-trauma. Before Thanksgiving, Ethan and I went into town (that's what you say when it takes you 35-45 minutes to get to a decent grocery store or gas station). Our drives are getting worse everyday. Ethan doesn't want to be in a car seat for 2 hours and then in a shopping cart for another hour. I mean do you blame him?! So needless to say, Ethan wasn't very happy about the drive home.

Dave and I only give Ethan his pacifier in bed or when he is tired in the car. Well, this day he had already slapped me in the face, pulled my glasses off my face and threw them, and now was in the car trying to throw things at the back of my head. He has really good aim. It was just one of those days, you know? Kati - I know you understand the embarrassment! All of a sudden, I hear, "Oh-o." I look back and he had bit the nipple completely off the pacifier! All I was thinking of was getting it away from him and "good thing we have another at home."

The next night, Dave was following me home from Becca and Josh's house. All I heard in the back seat was the same, "Oh-o." I knew what he had done. I looked back and it looked like he still had the nipple in his mouth. I didn't want him to choke so I reached my hand back there and said, "Spit it out." He pulled my hand to his mouth and bit down! That's when Dave started flickering his lights at me thinking that he was going to watch his wife and son crash into the ditch!

Ethan was crying and asking for a pacifier. I told him it was broken. He then said, "Pacie broken! Blankie OK," while hugging his blanket! I couldn't help but laugh... or was I really crying? I can't remember.

So everyday, Ethan asks where his pacie is and we show him his empty pacifier basket. He then chimes, "Pacie broken. Blankie OK!

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