Saturday, December 20, 2008

December Daily - Day 20

Today has been clean-up/catch up day. I have been working on a Christmas present for Ethan's Sunday School teacher these last two days and I wanted to share! This doll was made by Ethan and myself. Ethan's craft two days ago was to make the buttons and the heart for the doll. We used shrink film again. I used a circle punch and a flower hole punch to make the buttons. I drew the heart and cut it out. Ethan colored them with a pink color marker. I kind of wish I used white for the buttons instead of clear because it is hard to see his art. But, they are so cute! The next two days was spent sewing all the pieces BY HAND! Mind you the last doll I made was the first thing I have ever done by hand before. I have always used a sewing machine. I stayed up late last night to finish sewing all the little pieces. Today, I put the whole doll together with the sewing machine. During Ethan's nap I finished her apron, sewed her collar, glued the heart and button on, and painted her face. I would have to say that this was the most rewarding project I have ever done. I have been wanting to make a little Black Apple Doll ever since I saw Emily Martin on Martha Stewart when we were at the coast this summer. This was my excuse to do one! Tell me what you think!

If you look closely you can see Ethan's art on the buttons!

Hand-painted her face! I haven't done that since high school, I think. I miss that!

Ethan's heart!

Back of dress, apron, and collar.


Rebecca Grinder said...

Oh my! How cute! Puts mine to shame!!! LOVE IT! Where's mine?

Patten Family said...

VERY NICE! You are so talented!