Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December Daily - Day Two

Today we tried to keep an easy at home. We had our Christmas craft after rest time and snack. When Ethan heard "paint" he came running! This is the only shot I can put on the blog since some of his projects are Christmas presents. I like how I hid the project perfectly in this picture!

I had to use the Magic Eraser on our skin to get the paint off. It was a special paint for this project. He did pretty well at keeping the paint off his body. There was just this one spot he got on his leg.
During Ethan's nap I got started on the ornaments in the above picture. They are not quite done yet. I still have to add quotes to the side. I took Becca's design from when she made hers and duplicated it. I am going to take this one to the Oregon Free Methodist Pastor's Appreciation Christmas Party on Friday. They always have you put an ornament on the tree and when you leave you can take a different one home.


Tammy said...

Very sneaky at hiding the present. The ornaments are gorgeous.

Nick and Jessica Gray said...

How Fun! I like the mark on Ethans leg. Looks like a red birthmark. I love dipey pictures!

Josh and Becca said...

One of the ornaments looks like Fred Astaire!