Thursday, December 4, 2008

December Daily - Day 4

I know today isn't close to being over, but Becca and I have a bazaar to do in Turner this afternoon/evening so I wanted to make sure I posted our Christmas craft today. I didn't want any emails from family trying to keep me accountable ;) . Today we made Christmas magnets. I thought of this craft on my own last night.

First, I punched scalloped circles out of white shrink film. Ethan then colored them with markers. The markers can not be washable - sorry Crayola! So, Ethan has little artist finger tips in red and green. You can also use color pencils. It will look light when you color it but the heat will make it darker.

Then, Ethan knows to stay back while I use the heat gun. I shrink the film by keeping heat on the piece until it is done.

Ethan loves to watch them shrink. When I finished he said and signed, "More!"

It was good to get Ethan's small motor skills working. I added warm glue and he stuck the magnet to the back. Make sure that you don't use a heavy duty glue gun. It could burn little fingers. We use a small light weight gun - read your gun before trying this!

We now have a great Christmas present. I mean how sweet is it to have your child's drawing captured forever in a fun and unique way?


Tammy said...

What a fun craft. You could do so many things with that...a shrinker is awesome. It would be cool to do abc's and 123's too. Saweet!

Jennifer Evans said...

I know! But I would have to try and find/draw letters 3 times the size! They shrink pretty small. This gift is for an adult, for sure. The pieces are way too small and can be hazardous for little ones.

Karottal said...

WOW! So Wonderful!!!!!

Rebecca Grinder said...

Love this idea... I can think of so many ways to use this technique!

PS. Kathrin, if you read this - email me!