Sunday, December 14, 2008

December Daily - Day 13

We were still sick today. But, I think we are all coming down with a head cold too. Ethan and I snuggled during Story Time. He wanted to read One Mitten and afterwards I reminded him that he had his own mittens just like the story. I put them on him and he was so serious while looking at the book and again at his hands. I had to capture it fast so my pictures aren't so good. I still think they are cute.

In the evening Ethan was eating his dinner when he asked for some cheese. Later, when he was playing he said that his cow was hungry and he went and got his cheese off his plate and fed the cow.

Dave caught this awesome photo of Ethan playing blocks at the window - his favorite place to play. He just knocked his tower down.


Kati said...

Don't you just love it when they try and feed other things? Ben tried to give Liam some food the other day...try explaining why he can't give baby big boy food!! I hope you guys all get well soon...... :( being sick is no fun at all....

Nick and Jessica Gray said...

That what a super cute pick of Ethan trying to feed his cow. How precious! Get well soon all of you. Especially before next week. Love ya guys!