Wednesday, December 24, 2008

December Daily - Day 24

Ok... sometimes I just crack myself up! Remember earlier in the month when I made the Yoda Stew for Jeremy's birthday? Well, I have been planning on making this for him for Christmas. Since I couldn't get to the store to get the felt I used Dave's gray wool sock instead. Then, I found this and couldn't stop laughing! I mean, who makes Santa hats for their toys! I just had to do it! I was laughing the whole time, while Dave was in the other room saying that I was a nut. Seriously, what do you give a person who has everything but is obsessed with Star Wars? You know... it's all in fun. (Kati, you so have to try this!)

What did we do today?

  • Wake up and start chores, laundry, and daily routine
  • Walk to the neighbors - it took a while to trek through the snow, sang We Wish You a Merry Christmas, gave her some marshmallows, and trekked back home
  • Lunch and nap
  • Got a phone call from our Pastor and found out that the highway is closed for him to get to Christmas Eve service, wrote the order of service, emailed it to our worship leader
  • Had hot cocoa with marshmallows and watched Jesus is Born
  • Gave Ethan a bath
  • Got ready for church, Dave came home and we left for church
  • I read the all the scripture for the service and Dave did the nursery since there was still so many people gone because of the weather
  • Came home, put Ethan to bed, filled his stocking, and Dave put Ethan's new train track in front of the Christmas tree for tomorrow.
  • I blogged the last December Daily post before Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Would you do me a huge favor, and try to get Ethan to read Deb, record it on the camera and post it? I would love to see that!

Jennifer Evans said...

Sorry, no video camera... :(