Thursday, December 18, 2008

December Daily - Day 18

Well, I got my snowman! It started to snow a little here today. Josh came over to get gifts for Sarah to take with her to California tomorrow for Christmas. Before he left he asked if he could shovel my driveway and make a pile for Ethan to play in. Of course! So, when Ethan woke up from his very long nap we went outside to play. I dressed him up as warm as I could and went outside. It was very cold but I don't think Ethan really cared too much. It wasn't until I showed him that he could drive his train through the snow that he began to play.


Rebecca Grinder said...

oh, my! How cute are those pictures!?! I love the one with Ethan holding his train!!!

You are getting better & better w/ taking your pictures!

Anonymous said...

Ethan is so cute looking at his hand, as if to say, "Boy that's cold, but you gotta love the snow!"