Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December Daily - Day 16

Today we just played "catch up." I actually enjoyed cleaning my house and getting it back into order from the last week. I still have Mount Everest to fold and put away, but other than that it was a pretty productive day. Ethan even managed to get some Christmas letters written and colored. Later, we also made Christmas tree cards. When I tell Ethan that it is Craft Time he doesn't get excited, in fact he sometimes runs away! But, when I tell him we are using glue he runs to the table yelling "Glue! Glue! Glue!" I think I now know why - when he had a bit on his finger he licked it off! Maybe glue really does taste good.

I give Ethan a Q-tip with a recycled container filled with glue which helps with small motor development.

The green one is mine. Ethan would have nothing to do with the green. Only red for him!


Rebecca Grinder said...

Wow! Love the cards... could have him start working for OBS!

Kate said...

again..too cute!!! Ben digs crafts...he yells..."I did cwafts daddy!" as soon as Jared comes through the door...