Sunday, December 14, 2008

December Daily - Day 14

Even though we are still down and out, I feel like I am getting somewhere with my Christmas to-do-list. Last night I had a blast wrapping gifts. Each little box is a project on its own, but so much fun! Sorry if there are so many photos, but since I have been slow on photographs this week I loaded up today!
Inside a Black Apple gave these tags free this week on her blog!

I love this cute box I downloaded online! It was a little harder to put together since it is so small.

Ethan's wrapping paper looks so cute! This is painted with a thread spool.

A simple box downloaded online!

I love this package tied with red ribbon and an ornament hanging from the bow!

This is another one of Ethan's stamped with his boy figure stamp.

I downloaded this too! It's a card and I enlarged it, cut it out, and made a slit where the ring should fit. It is so cute. A little freaky until I got some more gifts under the tree. For a while all I had were hands sticking out under the branches.

This was the hardest one. I found this online as well. I am using it for an ornament until Christmas. It's just too cute!

Tonight Ethan wanted to play "tent" but the three of us couldn't fit very comfortably. So, Dave made this huge "tent" and as you can see used chairs, a boot, and an end table to make it work. We all played inside together and it was such a sweet memory. Dave caught Ethan reading inside the "tent" later.


Rebecca Grinder said...

ummm... so was that a little tease since we can read who the gifts were for?!? Torture!

Tammy said...

That tent is awesome! Your wrapping is so pretty, I saw one to a it me, is it me? Dang, can't shake it though!

Jessica Gray said...

The gifts are soo cute. I love tent making. Me and Heather would make them the size of out room when we where little. We had a bunk bed also so had a two story tents. LOL I miss kidism... Love ya guys!