Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In Doll Heaven...

So, while my Internet has been out, I have been sewing and having a blast! I haven't had a sewing machine for about 13 years! It has been so full filling to sew a project! I have had a love-hate relationship with the sewing machine my whole life. Becca explained it to me... she said "Jen, all the sewing machines you have used have been 20-30 years old, from garage sales, or broken to begin with. It isn't you. It is nice to work on a machine that actually works!" She is right! I haven't had to stop once to fix the machine. It just sews! It has been so rewarding! Here are my dolls... which is kind of funny that I am even making dolls. I have a little boy. ;) But, I guess I will have plenty of birthday and baby shower gifts saved up! Ha!

With every doll I have tried something new. This one has stockings and fabric slippers. Not sure what to name her. Any suggestions? {Edited: She now is named Eva!}

This one is my favorite so far! Still no name for her either. She has red stockings and gray felt shoes! I love the Maryjane look I gave the shoes with rhinestones for a buckle! Sigh!

This one is my Elsie doll! ;) Becca picked out the fabric specially for me! She is so me!

Elsie is the only one painted because I need names for the others first. Then, I can decide what their faces will look like. ;)

Becca's doll that she made me for Christmas now has friends. I took some more close ups so that you can see what she looks like. So, what do you think? Should I paint a face on Becca's doll or leave her artwork alone?
{Edited: Becca's doll is named Jemma!}


Rebecca Grinder said...

PAINT THE FACE! The doll I made should me named Jemma. ;)

Tammy said...

Don't paint the face, it's just perfect!!! You need to make a poll on your blog...lol.

Your dolls are GREAT! I just can't believe how cute they are.....lovely work Jen!

Patten Family said...

I say make her paint the face : )

These are all so cute! As for names, Hailey and Eva! : )

Rebecca Grinder said...

HOW MANY TIMES CAN WE VOTE? I really think you should paint the face - I would if I could by I suck.

Karottal said...