Saturday, December 6, 2008

December Daily - Day 6

Today, after Ethan's early nap, we read the story Snowball. Then, I showed Ethan the "snowballs" I made from Dave's sock drawer. I boomed "Let it Snow" from Ethan's CD player and we had our own snowball fight. It was mild to say the least... Ethan wouldn't let go of Gordon, his train.

But we started the snowball fight again when Dad came home... now that was fun!


Tammy said...

I wish you were my mommy.

Rebecca Grinder said...

How fun is that!?! You mean we could have had a snow ball fight when I was over Friday!?!?

Jessica Gray said...

I bet he had so much fun. Hopefully when Dad got home he was easy on him. LOL. I remeber when I was younger he was so rough. I would start crying and would walk 10 miles away from him cause he would trip me. :(