Wednesday, November 19, 2008


My son surprises me everyday. Is it the same for every parent? I mean Ethan SURPRISES me! Today, during story time Ethan picked his two books and climbed into my lap to read them. He picked Bread Bread Bread and Cars by Anne Rockwell. He picked the car book first and I began reading it. I realized that the word "go" was used a lot and so when I got to the word I asked him what is said. He read "go." So for the rest of the story, Ethan read the word "go" and I read everything else. His list of words that he can read are now: Becca, Mom, Dad, box, frog, Ethan, Deb, go, stop, and Josh.

It is awesome that he is beginning to read... but it sure does make for a nerve-wrenching time driving when he yells out "stop" every time you get to an intersection.


Tammy said...

Wow, that is awesome. How funny about the stop sign thing!!

Jessica Gray said...

That is so that he already recognizes words and can read them. That is awesome. Although I can see how it would be alittle heart stopping when he says "STOP!" at a sign. :) LOL.. Cute and smart!

Rebecca Grinder said...

Don't forget! He can also read Jonathon!