Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Boy and the Grasshopper

I had to post about Ethan on Friday! I mowed the lawn during Ethan's nap and I got so excited when I found a grasshopper. I caught it and put it into a container so that Ethan could observe it later (have to have some science time.) Well, I forgot that Ethan is... well... a boy. I felt sorry for the grasshopper. I mean, Ethan couldn't stop picking it up, hitting it with his boot, and pushing it along. But what was most alarming is the fact that the grasshopper wasn't even hopping away. It was like it didn't mind being mutilated by a one year old boy for science.

Thankfully, the grasshopper escaped... maybe not soon enough...

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Jessica Gray said...

How fun! I love bug catching. I remember haveing TONS of grass hoppers and me and heather would have a HUGE bug collection of all kinds. Just wait Mama soon he will bring them into the HOUSE! O dear!