Monday, September 15, 2008

A Relaxing Weekend

This weekend was very relaxing. We had Becca and Josh over Friday night for dinner. Dave made an amazing dinner and even impressed Josh. (Josh has eaten at some really great places so that is a compliment if he says Dave "out did himself"). Becca said to take a picture and so I got the camera out. We were all laughing but Josh says that Becca takes pictures of food all the time. It did look good... Well, if no one else appreciates the picture I know Kati will. Becca helped clean up so that we could try and get some stuff done for One Bright Spot. We didn't get a lot accomplished - no surprise there! Ha!
Ethan in the kitchen, helping out!

It does look good, doesn't it?
For those who have been to our house have noticed that all of our furniture is used or hand-me-downs from parents. When we got married Dave's parents found new chairs and a sofa at a garage sale and gave us theirs. Well, anyone that has sat in our recliner has known what it's like! It leans back and it feels like it's going to either collapse or get ready to launch you into space! It cracked me up when I heard Dave in the family room sitting down in the chair. The picture below I am sure will make you laugh!


Tammy said...

Yummmy! Funny pic of that the handle off the chair?

Rebecca Grinder said...

Hilarious! Love ALL of the pictures. I am craving the alfredo sauce. Next time we come over can he make a chicken or shrimp alfredo?

Sorry to see that the chair is more hazardes to sit in now that the handle is missing!


Kate said...

Okay, THANK YOU for taking a GOOD picture of food! Sometimes people take pictures of it, and it looks..well.....repulsive. That looks mighty tasty!!! Dave can come and cook for me anytime...and I promise our recliner won't launch him into space!