Saturday, September 6, 2008

Eloise vs. Madeline

So, if you live in this community, do you ever read the Our Town Monthly that comes in the mail? I love to look at the upcoming events (which I realized when I finally got to sit down and read this month's that I missed the Stayton Library Book Sale). Boo.

I love reading Madeline Lau's article. She's going to be a sophomore in college. I started reading her article when she was still in high school. I love reading her casual journalism. She just talks about what means the most to her. Simple reading is sometimes great.

She wrote an article about visiting her sister in New York City. You can read it at I was sad when I saw the picture below in the article with the caption "Madeline Lau, left, her grandmother, mother and sister, Megan, pose at New Your City's Plaza Hotel by a painting of Madeline, the adventurous character of children's literature who lived in the hotel."

Why? Cause that's not Madeline! That is Eloise! So, I had to write the newspaper (of course) and break Madeline's heart that she was mistaken and that she missed the opportunity of taking a real picture of Madeline in a mural painted by the author at New York's Carlyle Hotel. So sad.

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